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Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate

The Law Offices of George I. Nagler provides comprehensive Estate Planning and Probate services to clients.  Our experience includes:

  • Probating estates and administering living trusts for the beneficiaries.
  • Preparing estate plans for a variety of clients engaged in business as owners and/or executives, professions such as medicine, dentistry, accounting and law, and in the entertainment industry.
  • Preparing and advising clients on the use of wills, trusts, family limited partnerships and limited liability companies.
  • Advising clients on life insurance, planning for having decision making mechanisms in place if people become disabled by creating durable powers of attorney for healthcare and for property management and the reorganization of the ownership structure of various assets.
  • Helping clients make charitable contributions in a variety of ways to meet their respective wants and needs.
  • Dealing with competency and undue influence issues, annuities, bargain sales, estate and gift tax planning, planning for retirement, taking into account various asset protection planning and valuation issues.
  • Counseling families on handling succession issues where there are significant business assets and a group of heirs who have differing needs, abilities and interests in the business.
  • Providing asset protection planning for clients and their beneficiaries to protect assets from claims of creditors and from the claims of spouses in divorce dissolutions.

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